Breaking into the UK market - Broadley Speaking
Case Study

Breaking into the UK market

The Brief

The client is an Australian company, providing private cancer diagnosis, treatment and holistic cancer care, who are trying to break into the UK market.

Our brief was to raise awareness of the Genesis Care brand in the UK and drive referrals to their centres, initially from consultants but increasingly, earlier in the patient pathway, at GP level.

Genesis Care’s preferred route to market is through GP educational events held at each of their centres; therefore, they wanted attendees at these events.

Our solution 

At the start of the campaign, Broadley Speaking was given 3 centres in the UK to support.  We applied our Total Prospect Management approach to help the client achieve their objectives: reaching out to GP surgeries by phone and with targeted e-shots, we delivered sight of all surgeries and contacts within the catchment area for each of these centres.  We also started to promote events to GPs. We now look after all 12 of their centres.

The outcome

We have gathered data, contact names and details for 4,127 UK GP surgeries. We are promoting an average of 15 events per month across all centres which includes designing and distributing invitations, calling activity to support, and follow ups with attendees.

We have increased attendees to these events from 0 to 30 in many areas and have generated 50 in-surgery training sessions.

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