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Optimise for “Ideas” and Catch your Leads Early on their Buying Journey.

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Search is turning into problem-solving.

The “Think with Google” Ads Research and Insights team has been digging into Google’s search data and found that people are more and more searching for ideas; ”gift ideas”, “interview outfit ideas”, “holiday ideas” are among the most popular searches. In other words, people are increasingly turning to search before they even know what to buy; which, in turn, means that more and more searchers appear to be at the initial stage of their buying journey. Furthermore, mobile devices allow us to search for ideas when we need them, wherever we are. In this scenario, SEO gives you a chance to catch your leads early.


How are search engines reacting to this?

Very well, as usual: with user intent being such a major SEO factor, as soon as search engine algorithms detect a new trend in search, they adapt the look of SERPS. Search engines understand you are looking for ideas and will return results containing checklists or shopping lists, google images, google shopping, “position zero” box and “People also ask”.

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Are marketers capitalising on this?

Some marketers are certainly aware of this; nowadays, e-commerce websites organise User Experience with entire dedicated pages of checklists or curated shopping lists for your ideas.

This “quick problem solving” approach is not only useful for e-commerce; B2B marketing should also embrace this trend in search. Some marketers are doing it and are already reaping the benefits of this. For searches like “Lead generation ideas” and “Business Development ideas” -for example-  SERPs are showing pages with “position zero” box and “people also ask” box

At this stage of discovery, B2B buyers are looking for information and savvy marketers can put their brands at the centre of this opportunity by creating targeted material which answers buyers’ pain points and removes barriers before buyers engage with vendors.

Understanding this trend and learning to master it can reap real benefits for marketers.

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