Every day is an open day at Broadley Speaking - see professional telesales in action


21st June 2012

Every day is an open day at Broadley Speaking – see pro telesales in action

Come and experience our high grade telemarketing, telesales and lead generation for yourself.

Broadley Speaking is based in The Cornmarket. Built by the the Duke of Bedford in 1835 it sits in the middle of the Tavistock World Heritage site. Since 1835 it has been the commercial hub in this vibrant market town.

Whilst the exterior of the building has kept its Georgian grandeur we have completely remodelled the interior to provide to create an environment in which our sales teams can feel empowered to run their accounts and share ideas, values and a shared sense of purpose.

The only similarity between here and a “call centre” is that we do have telephones. Here the similarity begins and ends. We certainly point to operational excellence across the business but the sales service we provide comes with passion as standard – the process is a given.

Most days find visitors in the office , either clients or prospects. We have clients as far North as Edinburgh and way beyond Penzance in the east coast of the States ! They all leave with the same impression – they have just spent the day with a team of “can-do” people with “can-do” attitudes , knowing that we take our responsibility seriously, knowing that we are driven by their satisfaction and knowing that we have the right experience  for their business needs. They leave knowing that their telemarketing and telesales are in the safest pair of hands

Come and see for yourself – pay us a visit. Call us for free on  0800 988 7253. Come and see our professional sales and brand advocates in action .You will leave with a firm understanding of ,what you might previously have thought of  as “telemarketing” , is conducted at a level that takes it far beyond what you  have thought possible. It’s why Broadley Speaking is trusted as sales partners by some of the UK’s leading b2b companies.

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