The Broad Sheet, October 2018. B2B Lead Generation Newsletter. - Broadley Speaking


The Broad Sheet, October 2018. B2B Lead Generation Newsletter.


We are proud to introduce “The Broad Sheet”, Broadley Speaking’s monthly lead generation newsletter.

Every issue will contain articles and links to Broadley Speaking’s lead generation resources, podcasts and videos and will offer practical, actionable advice derived from our experience of over 21 years.

In the first issue the spotlight is on:

Cold Calling

Cold calling has never died, but has often had a negative reputation. On the contrary, we believe it is still one of the sharpest tools of our Total Prospect Management approach; all modern studies show that in the 21st century sales environment B2B buyers expect to be surrounded by communications from all channels -digital and traditional- before they make a buying decision and a phone call is still one of the best methods to engage a Business person in a two-way conversation……if it is properly prepared and executed.

In this podcast series we explain how to prepare and conduct a B2B sale call to achieve maximum success.

CRM implementations

CRM’s are a core part of any B2B business but sometimes they can offer more problems than solutions, if not implemented and used properly. We have developed our own CRM system called OMNIA® which runs on a Zoho platform; it was built with sales teams in mind, it is fully customised and responsive for marketing automation. We advise our clients to use it and they are receiving great value from it and -more crucially- we use it ourselves for our daily lead generation and marketing automation activities.


Finally, we are including a case-study in this month’s newsletter; it is about helping a client close very significant deals selling high-value software to Europe’s leading retailers.

We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Broad Sheet n.1 October 2018

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