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November 2017 SEO Monthly Roundup

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Four articles have particularly attracted our interest for this monthly SEO roundup.

  1. The first one is by Aja Frost and was published on Hubspot. It talks about how to deal with drops in SEO ranking: it is a very thorough examination of the most common causes of this and of how to address the problem; it also features good tips on usinhg tools like Google Analytics, SEMrush and Google Trends to do this. One of the aspects Aja discusses has been long debated by SEO’s and is also the focus of the next article in this roundup: does PPC affect organic results?
  2. This article by Rand Fishkin is part of his hugely (and deservedly) successful “Whiteboard Friday” series on MOZ and it is all about how PPC affects organic results.  Rand argues that PPC does not affect organic results in any direct way, but there are a few ways in which it can do so indirectly. Certainly worth reading.
  3. Another very useful article by Rand Fishkin -still from the “Whiteboard Friday” series- explains how to target competitors’ keywords.  The article argues that you don’t have to try and rank for each of your competitors’ keywords but “Like most things with SEO, it’s important to be strategic and intentional with your decisions.” Rand explains how you should understand your funnel, identify the right competitors to track, and prioritizing which ones of your opponents’ keywords you should target; he also recommends a few third-party tools to use for this process, including our favourite one, which is Ahrefs.
  4. The final article we include in this SEO monthly roundup is byMatt Southern in Search Engine Journal and explains how  google is to provide real-time data in Google Trends by offering data on searches conducted within News, Shopping, Images, and YouTube. The article also gives a quick demonstration of the new feature.

What were your favourite SEO articles this month? Do you need help with your SEO strategy? Get in touch today for a free consultation.

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