November 2017 marketing roundup: the Best of Account Based Marketing and Content Marketing. - Broadley Speaking


November 2017 marketing roundup: the Best of Account Based Marketing and Content Marketing.

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For this month’s blogging roundup on marketing, we have selected four posts about Content Marketing and Account Based Marketing.

  1. The first one is by Michele Linn and is about how to focus on your audience  when creating your content marketing strategy. When we decide our content strategies, as bloggers, we should create material which adds value for our audiences. Michele gives some useful insights and ideas in this article.
  2. The next article we have particularly liked is this one by Aleh Barisevich about  how to attract backlinks with the right content strategy . The article is based on findings from a link building survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute; 628 SEO experts across various types of businesses were polled to understand how they build links for better SEO in 2017. A very interesting read, if you are into the business of generating backlinks for your blog. All the usual suspects appear there: Infographics, Videos, Whitepapers, Data/Research and Webinars so nothing really new, but there are a few interesting tips on how to use these five types of content.
  3. The third article is about how Fortune 500 companies use social media ,by Ayaz Nanji. The article is based on a piece of research conducted by Nora Ganim Barnes and Shannen Pavao at The Center for Marketing Research, University of Massachusetts. Unsurprisingly, the most largely used social platform among Fortune 500 companies is LinkedIn (98% of them use it), followed by Twitter (88%). Interestingly, three quarters of Fortune 500 companies now have YouTube accounts – a figure which is constantly growing.

Account Based Marketing.

  1. Finally, no marketing roundup would be complete without an article dealing with the marketing buzzword of the day: Account-Based Marketing.  This post by Ernesto Castillo deals with one of the very hottest topics connected with ABM: how to align sales and marketing.  The article especially focuses on proving that ABM is good for Sales but it also needs Sales Teams’ input to work. The alignment is never easy nor quick.  “Two teams who have worked in separate silos for generations won’t suddenly start playing as one team just because a Director tells them to be aligned”; Castillo outlines five steps of ABM and gives tips on how to make alignment happen at each of them.

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