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3rd November 2008

November 2008 – the tough get going, make telemarketing work for you

When the going gets tough – the tough get going!

For every Managing Director or Marketing Manager who has not experienced a recession there is also one who has been there and got the T-shirt. Fortunately, at telemarketing and telesales company Broadley Speaking we are old enough and ugly enough to have worked through at least one set of poor economic circumstances, we realise that surviving the ups and downs is all part of being in business.

Telemarketing and telesales business Broadley Speaking works across just about every sector of the business to business market, selling complex products and services at a senior level. Feedback from our customers tell us that there is more than enough sales prospects around but generally people are having to work a little harder to find them and close the deal.

This coupled with some pressures on overheads means that after over a decade of ‘boom’ now might be the right time to consider a high level, intelligent sales solution that can make your sales graphs perk up!

More customers are taking a more proactive route, essentially if the phone stops ringing (or preferably before the ‘phone stops ringing), it’s time to get on the phone to lapsed and potential clients. Survival in this economic crisis doesn’t just mean working harder but also working smarter, the combination of the two can great pay dividends.

Many customers believe it is time to strive for more market share, to concentrate and improve your client relationships, invest in the right sales and marketing activity with clear ROI and targets. This is where Broadley Speaking’s outsourced intelligent sales solution comes in.

Fight for market share and win revenue and profit

You may be in the lucky position that some of your competitors make a decision to disinvest in marketing activity – some may have no choice. This is the ideal time to utilise your competitor knowledge and get their customers to choose you.

Not only will you have new business based on reliability and trust but you also have the opportunity to build a long term profitable partnership with a new client. A business owner is always on the hunt for a better service and better value. If you can give potential clients, the right message, at the right time in the right manner then the current financial climate can be a great time to gain and solidify market share. Equally it is important to prepare for the eventual upturn, getting efficient processes in place can make a difference when demand ceases to be the problem and supply becomes something you cannot keep up with.

Telemarketing and telesales company Broadley Speaking can help you hone your sales processes and work to provide you and your sales team with a consistent pipeline of new sales prospects. We provide a tried, tested and durable service whatever the economic conditions.

Maximising existing client relationships
New business can be the lifeblood of a company but do remember it costs five times more to gain a new client than it does to retain a current client.

Over the last few months we have found ourselves commissioned to clean, hone and revitalise existing and lapsed customer data through intelligent telemarketing. Cleaning and honing is pretty straightforward – the skill revolves around the “revitalise” part. This comes down to having focused intelligent sales conversations with those businesses who you may not have contacted for quite some time. Now’s the time to get talking and Broadley Speaking are superbly skilled at doing that on your behalf.

Our experience shows that traditional sales teams are not motivated to “go over old ground”. It’s also likely you may not have anyone at hand to conduct this kind of work with the frequency and consistency that is needed – this is where Broadley Speaking can support you. Our professional, unscripted sales professionals can trawl your past client list and unearth gems of prospects. Things are likely to have changed for the clients that you have written off – key staff changes or mergers, bad experiences with your competitors, new needs, a new vision or new tactics. Our experience shows that you may not know what your customers are up to, but there’s also a good chance that they may have scant knowledge of your product or service offering and may already be looking elsewhere for products and services you can supply.

Investing in telesales and telemarketing


“Market” smart not just hard. Make sure that every marketing pound you spend demonstrates a strong ROI. Just this week one of our clients signed, sealed and delivered on a £2,400,000 contract with one of the UK’s leading High Street names – perhaps you thought consumer facing businesses were having a hard time, some may be, but others do have the budget and they are willing to spend it. We work with our clients to develop tight ROI arguments and we would be happy to show you ours! We have case study after case study of how investing in Broadley Speaking intelligent telesales and telemarketing brings sparkling return on investment.

Don’t batten down the hatches –
put your wet weather gear on!
Attitude determines your results. As seasoned and skilled sales professionals we know what works, strangely enough persistence and a positive attitude combined with a set of strong sales skills get amazing results despite prevailing economic trends.

Our customers tell us that they are not battening down the hatches but they are donning their wet weather gear for a storm and that Broadley Speaking is a vital part of their armoury.

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