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4th July 2012

Not just another call centre

For those who saw the  Panorama investigation into telesales last night, let me reassure you all  – Broadley Speaking is not a call centre, and does not foster such a culture of self-interest, call-automation, or  passive-aggression towards clients. Rather, our culture is one of consultative selling in a positive and engaged environment.

Significantly, Broadley Speaking is a business-to-business, not business-to-consumer, telemarketing company – and our account managers pride themselves on their in-depth knowledge of the products and companies which they are representing. Moreover, this insight into individually complex industries enables our employees to enjoy well-informed and productive conversations with the businesses they contact. This is not just telesales: this is intelligent telesales. Way back in 2000 Broadley Speaking managed to trademark “Intelligent Sales” -how come? No one else was using the phrase let alone the concepts and ways of working. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Broadley Speaking is unique in it’s holistic and unscripted approach to lead generation – sowing the seeds of our clients’ product into a new organisation and nurturing this budding business relationship until the client is ready to reap the valuable results.

Making sales that stick for our clients is what our business has always been about

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