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Not all lead generation processes are created equal

Not all lead generation processes are created equal

At Broadley Speaking we understand that not all lead generation processes are created equal. 

Measuring the quality of B2B leads can be even more important than generating leads in a large quantity; in fact, it is one of the top priorities in driving sustainable business development, and also the biggest challenge.

Qualifying prospects: from BANT to MANACT.

IBM introduced a revolutionary prospect evaluation process called BANT, based on Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline; later, with the need to evaluate other challenges in the buying process, BANT turned into MANACT.

MANACT, stands for Money, Authority, Need, Aspiration, Competition and Timeline. Most noteworthy, including prospect’s Aspiration in the qualifying process is the key to understand their long-term view; this way you will be able to align your proposition, culture and ethos with theirs.

Once you have qualified your leads, you need to score them for maximum efficiency. Lead scoring  is a method for ranking leads based on the prospect’s interest in your proposition and position in the buying cycle, and it is especially relevant to boost revenue, since it helps companies decide when to approach prospects for sales, or nurture them.

In conclusion, having strategic criteria is essential in order to generate leads which will convert and secure more business, because it allows sales team to be more efficient in their sales approach.

If you want to understand how Broadley Speaking can help you generate B2B leads that count and increase sustainable business development, contact us.

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