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2nd March 2009

Newsletter – Segmenting to one the key to telemarketing and telesales success

Segmenting to one lead to telemarketing and telesales success

Newsletter – Segmenting to one – In search of the marketing nirvana at TFMA

Segmenting to one – In search of the telemarketing nirvana at TFMA

One of our regular treks, in pursuit of our goal to maintain our position at the cutting edge of the marketing sword, is to TFMA at Earls Court in February. We use this trip to find and buy new technology for ourselves and on behalf of our clients and to get a view of latest marketing trends – this year’s visit was fascinating!   Technology for Marketing & Advertising

This year’s theme was firmly set in one direction – how do companies small and large reach the marketing nirvana of ‘segmenting to one’? This year the hall and conference sessions were jammed with marketing and sales people clamoring to find out how they could use the latest technology to find, analyse and characterise buyers as individuals, then provide them with exclusive, tailored marketing messages. This is a trend we have seen (and been a part of) for a many years.

Between the senior team at Broadley Speaking, we have over two hundred years sales and marketing experience which our clients tap into to support them in reaching their sales goals. To put this into perspective we started selling to individuals over the telephone in 1983, for the hard of counting that’s 26 years ago! This was an age prior to PCs, when if email even existed your address probably was just numbers, when the Internet did exist but the World Wide Web was a twinkle in Mr Berners-Lee’s eye and was, in fact, called JANET.  Throughout the 80’s and 90’s to a large extent, the consistent marketing theme centred around print based ‘mass marketing’. In today’s digital environment everyone is striving for the same, a unique message going to a fully profiled individual matched by their particular needs, wants and specifications, all provided by quality data and digital wizardry. So why is this experience important?

Because we are convinced we know what works. For marketers and sales people there seems to be an ever growing pile of technologies, statistics and techniques that need to be addressed, known, explained and mastered. However, knowing the name of your “suspect” and which operating system and browser they use isn’t really ‘personal’, it’s just good data.  Will it help you make a sale? Of course it helps to know their name but to turn them from a ‘suspect’ to a ‘prospect’ and then into a customer –  you really need to know what makes them wake up at two in the morning in a cold sweat!  Do good SEO statistics mean you make a profit? In all honesty the answer at best is MAYBE. It increases your chances, but it won’t work in isolation.

However, there is currently only one method to enable you to have bespoke marketing and sales conversations with senior individuals and that’s through correctly and professionally conducted telemarketing and telesales. In our world of selling moderately complex products and services to senior people we still find the best way to sell is to LISTEN to clients’ individual needs. Successful sales (and therefore successful companies) wholly depend on finding people with the correct need, want or desire and then selling them the appropriate benefits before getting them to buy.

Using telemarketing, telesales, and lead generation techniques to sell is still one of the most effective ways to get to know a customer and to make a sale. This is why Precision Marketing was happy to declare that using professionally delivered telemarketing  to generate new business “looks like one of the major bargains in the direct marketing industry” (Precision Marketing – November 08)

Despite all the technology on show at TFMA if these bespoke marketing solutions worked why was TFMA so packed? In a funny way TFMA embodies the current juxtaposition between new technology and the human condition. Deep? – no not particularly . Meaningful? Yes probably! Why? Because despite all available technology the fact is if you are selling in a B2B environment there is a very high percentage chance that before you make the sell you will have to talk with, meet, understand and shake the hand of your prospect – and it is in facilitating such meetings that Broadley Speaking excels.

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