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7th October 2009

October 2009 Newsletter – new business development

October 2009 Newsletter – new business development
Sailing in stormy weather

Sailing in stormy weather…new business development works in the toughest conditions

Welcome to the autumn newsletter
from Broadley Speaking – the UK’s leading new business development company

As autumn gets into full flow, naturalistic themes also abounded in the national press. In what seems like moments the rays of financial sunshine and talk of ‘emerging green shoots’ gave way to talk of stormy financial forecasts.
In reality, it seems that financial predictions are as now as reliable as weather forecasts. Self evidently, it has been a tough 12 months for just about every business, in just about every sector, but we have been supporting our clients in maintaining their sales pipelines throughout this period using to the full every new business development technique.
How can we help?
The manufacturing sector had been hit particularly hard. To demonstrate the success we have accomplished in this sector please click here to read about Somar International.  Their award winning lighting solutions combined with our ability to create lucrative business opportunities means that they have has triumphant results even in these difficult times. Broadley Speaking’s new business development campaigns work even in the toughest conditions.
So is now the right time to reassess your sales and new business development activities? Like Somar International and our many other clients, you could find that Broadley Speaking can provide you with the sales boost you need to fill your sales pipeline in 2010. Give us a call on 0800 988 7253.
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