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B2B Business Development -‘Got live if you want it!’

new business development got live if you want it
New business development – ‘got live if you want it!’

A great deal of our work is conducted on the telephone – talking to senior decision makers and catalysing change in their buying patterns. This is ‘new business development’ but with the complexity of 21st century sales it’s now a far more nuanced and detailed process than ever before. Arguably we should know we’ve been doing it for over 30 years!

One of the great things about this time of year is that it’s prime conference and exhibition season, so we get to get out and about with our clients representing them live on the show floor and meeting with the senior people we talk to every day, face-to-face. That’s the level our team work at – regular “telemarketing” this is not!

Here’s Brooke second from left – Brooke’s been working with the Medirest team for over two years. Central to their new business development programme she’s a veteran of these events by now. This is today at the NHS Confederation Conference in Manchester.

The NHS Confederation represents the authentic voice of NHS leadership. They are the only membership body that brings together, and speaks on behalf of, the whole health and care system.

The NHS Employers organisation, part of the NHS Confederation, is the voice of employers in the NHS, supporting them to put patients first.

So as you might imagine the event is packed with the most senior folk from across the NHS. This makes it prime real estate for anyone who is focussed on new business development as Brooke is.

Brooke can talk about every aspect of the Medirest offering at the most senior level.

At the same time Cristel is making her way to the CUBO summer conference at the University of Sussex with the Chartwells team…..more of that later in the week !

So we can support you in achieving your new business development goals, you know you can rely on us to deliver on the ‘phone , online or we’ve ‘got live if you want it!’