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2nd February 2010

Professional Sales Advocacy – a new breed of telemarketing

Properly focussed telemarketing more professional sales advocacy

Segmenting to one – the role of professional sales advocacy

Many marketing professionals contemplate the principle of “segmenting to one” and the effect that reaching that nirvana may bring in terms of response and subsequent sales.

The ability to give bespoke marketing and sales messages to each and every one of your prospects has never been nearer in so many media forms; advanced data handling tools, marketing analytics, digital print, online media and much more will be on show at the forthcoming TFMA at Earls Court – all with the promise to give more individual messages to more individuals, more reliably than ever before.

However there is one media form, delivered correctly, that can already provide you with this powerful tool. At Broadley Speaking we call it “Intelligent Sales”, it is telemarketing but not as you would probably usually recognise it! Numbers, of course, count but at Broadley Speaking we believe that successful b2b telemarketing is about ensuring every call counts, not just counting calls.

Since 1997 we have been providing unscripted, professional and effective sales advocacy for our clients. They include some of the largest corporations in the world, but our range extends to new business start ups too.

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