MEET THE TEAM - Broadley Speaking


Great individual performances and smart team work drive our performance. Combine this with our hard won sales experience – dating back to 1983 – and our clients gain the benefit of a highly focused and driven team of well trained sales and marketing professionals.

Hilary profile

Hilary Broadley

Hilary has a passion for B2B sales stretching back to 1983. Hilary is a particularly good communicator and has always used her gift of verbal expression to sell effectively. She is capable of handling complexity and tolerating ambiguity. Most importantly she drives herself and the team for the strongest possible commercial outcomes for her clients.

Isabel profile

Isabel Robson

Isabel is quick to see the possibilities of new ideas and projects, she is outstanding at initiating these and persuading people to support her. Her vivid imagination constantly pushes her towards turning her ideas into reality. She is a powerhouse for clients and driving results for them.

David profile

David Conn

David is a highly experienced B2B sales and marketing professional. He has worked in most major B2B sectors over his career. He is competitive, ambitious and seeks to win. David can spot the flaws that may exist in most situations and quickly see how to improve them. This makes him a considerable asset when engaging with clients and seeking the most positive outcomes.


Joe Smart

Business Development Manager

I have worked across NHS & Private Healthcare, International Oil & Gas. Competed at an amateur level in both Boxing and Muay Thai.

Anna MacQueen

Business Development Manager

I’ve been a Business Development Manager here for 4 Years. I’ve worked across a number of different industries, for various clients, from automation and robotics to private healthcare and wealth management.  I have 2 children and 2 dogs!

Giuseppe Baggiani

Head of Digital Marketing

I develop Digital Marketing strategies for Broadley Speaking and our clients across a variety of industries and countries. I speak five languages, sing in a choir and play classical guitar.


Belinda Moody

Business Development Manager

I have worked on accounts in many different industries from HR Software, E-commerce, Estate Agents, and corporate eye care to currently representing a High end Italian Womenswear brand and Fortune Magazine. Before having children, I was a fashion and promotional model in Australia.

James Welch-Thornton

Head of Business Processes, Data and Research. 

I have worked in many sectors including Food & Beverage, Intellectual Property and Digital Marketing. I am related to the Lord Mayor of London, John Garrett, who laid the first stone of London Bridge in 1825.

Brooke Pinkney

Strategic Relationship Manager 

Working across the Foodservice sector Globally and part of the Broadley Speaking new business development team. I am the only one in my family with Brown Eyes.

Cristel Worth

Business Development Leader

I am an ILM qualified Business Development Leader with experience working with the education and recruitment sectors.  I have a passion for Dartmoor and enjoy spending time exploring the Moors with my family.

David Hawkins

Business Development Manager

Experienced in developing new business opportunities in Operational Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Transportation, & Conferencing. I enjoy working in close collaboration with my clients, and I also help support Broadley Speaking’s recruitment projects.


Jacques Braddick

Business Development Manager

Worked in family business (furniture) in North Devon before joining Broadley. I grew up in a seaside village called Westward Ho! in North Devon and moved to Plymouth to study Business Management at Plymouth University; as soon as I finished university I started to work for Broadley Speaking.

Damon Didcott

Information Technology Executive.

I’ve been working in administration and IT roles for nearly 22 years now, for Trident Exhibitions, OnDigital and Broadley Speaking. Nothing has exploded yet.

Krishna Hurry

Business Development Manager

The industries I have worked in include: Outsourced Catering/Facilities Management; Management Consultancy; Property Consultancy and Media. Outside of work, my main passions include cars, watches and travelling!

Mandy Meredith

Head of Science and Technology Division

I have a degree in Biochemistry and started my career as a laboratory assistant for the Medical Research Council. Since 1997, I have been working in business development – sales and marketing roles selling laboratory equipment, chemicals and services to pharmaceutical companies, biotech start-ups and academia.

Patricia Bryant

Office Manager

I am the office manager, and also the longest serving team member. My job is to support both the team and the business to achieve their goals and I am proud to be part of the Broadley Speaking success.

Sharon Bratchley

Business Development Manager

I work across a wide range of industries including Accountancy, Construction, Food Manufacturing, Charities, Media Advertising Software, Commercial and Industrial Laundry, Customer Service, Property Portal, Leisure, Payroll Software, Retail Software. The first time I boarded a plane, I jumped out of it.


Laura Venton

Business Development Manager

I’ve been part of the Broadley Speaking team for 8 years. 

I’m passionate about delivering high quality sales leads for my clients and generating exciting new business opportunities. 

Also, I love Labradors!

Vicky Plucknett

Business Development Manager

I work across the Educational, workplace and healthcare sector. I was born and bred in Devon and I own a horse whose name is Orchid


Oliver James

Business Development Manager

I work for various well-known industrial companies from the UK, Europe and North America. Alongside this, I create videos for Broadley Speaking. Before joining Broadley, I worked on a documentary in Finland.

Dolores Graham

Business Development Manager

I speak to very senior decision-makers in UK, Ireland and the Middle East, from Banking, Insurance, Social Media, Pharmaceutical, household, Manufacturing, airlines, Sport & Leisure. I have travelled extensively, living in both Hong Kong and Bermuda (where my children were born and raised) for over 20 years.


Zoey Burroughs

Business Development Manager 

I have a BSc Business Management Degree specialising in HR and Leadership. My previous experience include the Events and Retail sectors, now progressing into the building sector. I grew up partially in Spain and have a cat named catty.

Lawrence McNeela

Business Development Manager

I’ve been at Broadley Speaking for 18 months. During that time, I’ve won new business for FTSE500 firms, Silicon Valley giants and local SMEs. One of the things I love most about working here is the variety of clients we help.

Lucy George-Foster

Business Development Manager 

I have worked across education, residential care, finance, construction, motor industry and third sector. I was awarded Newspaper Society’s Annual Advertising & Marketing Best Advertising Sales Executive in the UK. 

Peter George

Business research Assistant

I grew up in the local area and before joining Broadley Speaking had spent time teaching in France. I now work to collect data for one of our catering clients, and outside of work I enjoy travelling and cooking.

Nick Jackson

Creative Lead

I have over 20 years of experience working with National and International companies across all sectors, delivering brand strategies and creative campaigns online and in print. I grew up in Cheltenham and moved to Devon to study & surf.