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Helping you maintain focus on your clients.


Client satisfaction: building bricks

Meridian West’s recent survey of professional service marketers found that their key priority for the coming year is client experience and client service. As someone who was responsible for client satisfaction in a large PS firm in a previous guise, this is a topic close to my heart.

Keeping clients happy and returning to you is a time consuming business and although some larger firms have the luxury of teams whose sole responsibility is client satisfaction, for others it is ‘another’ thing they have to find time for on top of an existing busy workload.

The survey also found that commerciality was the most in-demand skill for marketers – they must be able to maximise their firm’s competitive advantage in a crowded market and deliver results for the partnership.

So, how do you maintain a laser focus on client service while also ensuring your firm stays ahead of its competitors and bringing in new business? The answer, we believe, is outsourcing new business development.

We work in partnership with a number of companies who outsource new business development to us, thus freeing their time to focus on exceeding the needs and expectations of their existing clients and working on strategic projects alongside their partners while we sow the seeds of new relationships with prospects.

Outsourcing such an important role such as new business development can seem scary and a leap into the unknown but by working alongside the right partner, you can maximise resources and free up your time to focus on your firm’s most important asset – its clients.

Do you have a dedicated team or do you outsource your business development? Either way, what challenges do you find?






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