Macmillan Cancer Relief - Telemarketing company in sponsored abseil - Broadley Speaking


Macmillan Cancer Relief – Telemarketing company in sponsored abseil

Telemarketing and telesales company Broadley Speaking regularly support charitable causes

Last year we decided that we would take a little time off from making money for our clients, and having been invited, we agreed to take part in a sponsored abseil down the 180 feet sheer drop known as Plymouth Civic Centre in order to raise money for the Macmillan Cancer Relief fund.

The two ‘willing’ volunteers were David Conn and Carole Langdon from telemarketing company Broadley Speaking. Both David and Carole have had experience of the great work Macmillan do. Carole lost her Mum to cancer and David’s sister has fought, and may have won her fight against this dreadful disease. The weekend was made especially poignant by the fact that Jan, our bookkeeper, had to rush home to the North West of England because her Mum had been very recently diagnosed with a ‘lump’, only a matter of days later she died. This is a truly shocking disease.

Saturday the 24th saw a brilliant day dawn in West Devon and Carole and David set forth (together with supporting posse), full of bravado, into Plymouth. The bravado was slightly dampened as we walked toward the Civic Centre to find an ambulance lovingly parked at the bottom of the abseil run. The bravado was more than dampened as we entered the lift to take us to the summit of the building and, surprise, surprise was fairly ‘wet’ as we went through the ‘training’ and watched others going over the top in front of us.

Any last vestige of bravado had completely disappeared by the time they were strapped in, turned around and told to walk backwards over the edge of a 180-foot building!

As David said: “I had abseiled before BUT this was over a quarter of century ago, wasn’t an almost two hundred foot drop, and as it was down a rock face it wasn’t a sheer drop. It is safe to say I was absolutely petrified, no matter how hard you rationalise it, it is still very bizarre to walk into fresh air!

“I found I became intimately acquainted with the handrail as I backed toward the edge and the marine at the top had to ‘gently’ remove my hand from the handrail before I took my last step!”

David eventually let go of the handrail. Carole, who bravely went first (‘Ladies first’ as David pointed out!) had more faith in the equipment (probably something to do with far less weight hanging off the rope!!) said: “It was pretty scary but I just had to go for it, it was a long way up but it would have been an even longer way down if I had gone back down without doing it.” Both came down in some style but it is fair to say both were literally shaking for a good half hour afterwards.

Macmillan had hoped to raise £10,000 over the weekend Carole, David and the team from Broadley Speaking raised over £1,200 themselves. Brilliant!

David and Carole with a big cheque and Calvin Lovelock (dressed as St.George), Fundraising Manager, Devon, Macmillan Cancer Relief

Many thanks to all who supported us including: Bond Pearce; Waypoint Exhibitions; Inwater Services; TJW Exhibitions; Sally Perdrisat at Plymouth Chamber of Commerce; IML Plymouth; Peter Sleep; Richard Walke Motor Services; Real Exhibitions; Tasker and Stone, Clear Communications; Mainly Stationery;