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12th March 2009

Linked In telemarketing

Linked In telemarketing


This is a professional B2B sales and telemarketing forum hosted by Broadley Speaking enabling the team at Broadley Speaking and their clients past and present to meet online and exchange ideas.

What are the goals?

  • To create a virtual business network of our clients past and present
  • To create an environment in which senior people can exchange information about their business and current projects with the hope that this in itself may generate new business opportunities
  • To create a site which will give you some helpful hints and tips about sales, sales management issues and marketing issues
  • To create a site through which you can ask sales and marketing related questions across the group if you wish.

Please use this link to visit and join the Broadley Speaking Linked In Groupor simply search in groups for Broadley Speaking

Whilst it’s possible to spoof lots of things online one thing which is difficult to lay a veneer across is experience. We do have some cracking examples of the experience ‘spoof ‘ but more of that in later newsletters. If you want to understand what we mean by ‘experience’ click here to have a look at David’s career history on LinkedIn.

More customer benefits

We will also be using the forum for our customers to promote themselves and their products between themselves, so keep a look out for ‘smokers’ , bio diesel, self test emergency lighting, design and print, some nifty enterprise wide software…..these are all products and services we are currently selling (to find out more please see our client experience).

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