Legendary campaign results - Broadley Speaking


Legendary campaign results – Dart Valley Systems


Broadley Speaking worked with Dart Valley Systems between 2001 and 2009 – way before they were acquired by Franke.

The company was owned by the two Allen brothers, Mike who acted as Sales Director and Neil who handled the technical inventions. We had been introduced to them by their Business Link advisor. They had high growth potential but needed support in reaching their goals

Specialising in water saving technology for commercial washrooms, Dart Valley Systems has been producing leading automatic washroom technology for over 30 years.

DVS is a market leader in the field of water saving products along with automatic washroom products for specialist applications, including the healthcare, mental healthcare, custodial, public sector and retail markets.

The Broadley Speaking team was spearheaded by Hilary, Julie Credicott and Pat Bryant.

As is common with much of our work it was not a question of being given a list of potential contacts with a fully formed marketing and sales proposition. Our work began with working with Mike Allen and helping him think through the different levels of opportunity in each potential sector.

After this we found and built data, and is with taking any new product to a new market we did as much listening as talking; taking great pains to understand what were the critical business issues facing prospects and then helping them through the thinking behind the DVS product set and which ones might need their needs. This approach often brings tremendous results but rarely does it end up in delivering intelligence for a whole new product range!

One sector we looked at was the UK prison system – in short, lots of men, lots of urinals and lots of water to be saved ! Julie in engaging with an Estates Director at large prison began to ask him about his challenges surrounding estates management. After listening hard and beginning to explain the DVS proposition the Estates Director interrupted and asked: ” Do you do anti-ligature showers?”. Instead of a ‘no’ (accurate as it would have been) , Julie probed some more and discovered that the Home Office had just issued a directive to all prisons about the requirement to provide an anti ligature environment in every washroom.

Julie came off the ‘phone, contacted Neil at DVS and by the next day he had invented the product! The next weeks were then a constant round of contacting Estates Managers across the UK’s prisons estate and asking: ” Can I ask how you are dealing with the Home Office directive about anti ligature showers” – the result DVS in one fail swoop became de facto market leader for automatic washroom products across Her Majesty’s Prisons!

This was just one part of the huge growth Broadley Speaking fed, other sectors included airports, hospitals, rail stations, schools – the list goes on! This mighty growth and in October 2012 the Allen’s sold the business to Franke. Mike and Neil both retired to the Bahamas.

As Mike commented in 2003:

“As part of our campaign to increase market awareness of our products and services we appointed Broadley Speaking to talk to potential customers……Broadley Speaking do not us the conventional approach with telesales people reading from scripts. Their team learn about the product and services and their benefits and have informed discussions with potential customers at the highest levels. One they have established a serious interest they make appointments for our sales team. Broadley Speaking have made a significant contribution to our sales and marketing campaign during the last two years during which we have doubled turnover”

 DVS is just one of the many huge sales success stories we have facilitated over the last 20 years. It’s no coincidence that still our single biggest source of new business and as we track through some other legendary campaign results we are sure you will see why
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