The art and science of lead generation and new business development


The art and science of lead generation

a bond of union with the prospect is vital in lead generation

Last week Broadley Speaking was honoured to be invited to give the key note address on successful lead generation at the first day of the CSi International Sales Conference held at the Marriott Hotel in Durham, UK.

Lead generation is a perennial problem particularly for companies selling products that represent a large capex project.

CSi Industries supplies fully integrated material handling systems and has installations throughout the world. As a turnkey supplier CSi provides a complete package from initial consultancy and design, to production, assembly, delivery, installation and commissioning. The sales teams from around the Globe assembled in the North East of England to look at how best spread sales best practice.

Phil Griffiths, CSi Industries UK General Manager, invited Hilary Broadley to address the conference on the basis of the outstanding lead generation results in the UK.

Phil had attempted to use regular “telemarketing” to generate fully qualified sales leads before, but had been frustrated by the results, or rather the lack of them. Phil had also worked with the sales intelligence and data business Protel Associates. Tony Hough at Protel recommended that CSi talk to Broadley Speaking – that was two years ago. Since then Broadley Speaking had revolutionised Phil’s understanding of lead generation and new business generation.

Phil commented: “Some people have some misconceptions about what many describe as “telemarketing”. In our experience when a company like ours is trying to win new large capital expenditure projects in a competitive environment it is as much about as the detailed work in research and understanding potential prospects that help us win new business, as the calling itself

It’s a bit like an iceberg – the high quality, intelligent calling represents the tip of the iceberg but all the work Broadley Speaking does leading up to this is what makes Broadley Speaking’s approach different. Their approach to Key Prospect Management sets the foundation for us winning significant new business.

They have been fundamental in CSi winning new business and I know feel I have in depth insights into my prospect universe”

He now wanted Broadley Speaking to explain, in detail, how the process worked in the UK and exactly how their methodology and results differed from regular “telemarketing” operations.

The presentation entitled “The art and science of lead generation” used the art work of MC Escher ( see above “The Bond of Union” by the famous Dutch artist) to illustrate the difference an intelligent sales approach makes to the lead generation process.

Hilary Broadley commented: ” The feedback was great but also extremely interesting. From Mexico to the Nordics all the sales directors had attempted to use “telemarketing” for new business development and lead generation before. The universal experience was that it had simply not worked. In the UK we know our approach and methodology is poles apart from most organisations claiming to offer similar services but we hadn’t appreciated that the same low level, process led, approach was also common across the Globe” 

CSi’s Griffiths added:  “The level of understanding that Broadley Speaking has about our market and the issues facing decision makers in it means that they have been able to take a very intelligent approach to new business development. This has already reaped significant rewards. We have found a new business development partner we can trust and that delivers”

If you want to fully understand the Broadley Speaking difference talk to Hilary directly on 0800 988 7253. She’ll talk you through the art and science of lead generation and new business development and how our unique approach can help you reach your new business development objectives.



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