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22nd January 2009

January 2009 – Time to hit the sales – telemarketing offers great value

At this time of year its well worth looking at intelligent telemarketing and telesales as a route to market

Time to hit the sales? As retailers hurry to sell “anything” right now you can’t fail to miss the signs on the High Street.

50% and 70% price cuts are splashed across the shop windows, they sound alluring, but when you enter the shop you find there definitely is no discount on the actual goods you wanted to buy. How strange? As per usual the sales are full of end of lines, last year’s fashions or just lots of over ordered stock destined to be hidden away for another year unless someone extraordinarily small or extraordinarily large chooses to buy the same thing – in bulk.

How many of you have been disappointed with the current sales on the High Street? In our experience a bargain isn’t a bargain unless the customer truly wants or needs the product or service in the first place and that it’s ‘fit for purpose’ and it is something that matches their needs.

The classic retail strategy and why it probably isn’t appropriate for your business (even metaphorically!)

Now classic retail strategy can be based on the ‘rack em, stack em and pack em’ (and now add push a ‘discount’) methodology. Tell the customer all about you, and your product and without missing a beat get them to the tills.

We don’t suggest you use this kind of technique to generate business to business sales (B2B) although we are always amazed how many organisations try to. How many telemarketing calls have you taken at home or work where you feel just part of a numbers game? Where you feel talked at and not listened to? Where you feel hassled and hurried because the operator’s next call is waiting? Where offers, meaningless to you, are thrust in your ear? Sound familiar?

What’s the most cost effective way to generate new business?

Now, more than ever, it is important to hit the sales pedal in your business, even the most gloomy business commentator won’t be telling you to stop talking to your customers or trying to find new ones, but getting it right is another matter. But do you want to do it by piling ‘em high and selling ‘em cheap?

Everyday at Broadley Speaking we are generating new sales opportunities for our clients through intelligent telemarketing. Even now in a cold, wet, economically gloom ridden January a well crafted sales cold call, conducted professionally and in which you put the potential customers needs first, can deliver outstanding results. Good sales results rely on tenacity, focus, consistent effort and the construction and delivery of a relevant sales proposition.

This can be difficult and can lead to problems quickly if the job is “delegated” to an internal resource without the right skills sets, attitude or approach. This is not the time to learn how to sell on the telephone!
Just last month Precision Marketing , acknowledged as the bible of the direct marketing industry, referenced outsourced, high level business to business, contact centres as “one of the major bargains in the direct marketing industry” and Broadley Speaking as the 2nd largest 100% b2b contact centre and telemarketing company in the UK.

How have we become the 2nd largest in the UK from a ‘start up’ just over a decade ago? It’s simple – by delivering on behalf of our clients! The vast majority of our work still comes from existing clients and direct client referrals and this says it all. You can see some client case studies by visiting our website.

So what makes us different?

We are a telemarketing company with a difference; we don’t just talk, we listen.

We listen to our clients, so we have an in-depth understanding of your product or service. This means we can confidently talk to your potential clients in a knowledgeable and intelligent way, and with a cutting sales edge. We also listen to your customers; our philosophy is that we can’t sell to a potential client until we know what they want, what they need and why.

We call this ‘Intelligent Sales™ ’.
And the reason we sell like this?
Because it works.


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