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It’s not just about telemarketing and telesales

Telemarketing and telesales office training


Whilst Broadley Speaking can make a sensible case for being one of the UK’s premier suppliers of  lead generation, telemarketing and telesales services we work in a variety of ways with our clients. We don’t use this as the only tool to help our clients write new business.

We also support them with  strategic sales planning, market research and development and sales training for our customers sales teams. As a crack team of sales professionals we’re not afraid to share our skills and decades of experience – but only with our clients. We create bespoke sales training and coaching sessions focussed on our clients particular training needs.

These usually come with a residential element. Our clients come and spend time with the sales teams and account management teams talking through the nuances of their markets,buyers, competition, analysing objections and how to handle them, presentation skills and questioning techniques and then we work through a bespoke sales workshop for a full day, usually led by Hilary Broadley.

To give you a flavour of the impact here’s feedback  from our client on a recent Broadley Speaking telemarketing and telesales workshop

” Hilary, your sales training was totally inspiring and motivating.  We gained so much from your expertise and knowledge and came away with new ideas and techniques for our sales approach and pitch going forward.  In particular, this was critical to our meeting with Siemens.”

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