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Rescue your pipeline from the cliff edge


Anxiety due to empty pipeline


We are now well into Q2 for those businesses operating to the traditional financial year. Whether or not you are one of those companies, how are you performing against your revenue targets? Do you have a full sales pipeline of opportunities which you can move along to a (hopefully) successful conclusion over the coming months? Or are you so busy delivering current projects that you have not had time to focus on ‘filling the hopper’?

If you fall into the latter category then what will happen once your current engagements come to an end? We believe it is vital to keep an eye to the future and make sure you have a steady stream of incoming enquiries and outbound sales activities. Otherwise panic can set in and you can put yourself at risk of taking jobs that don’t fit your quality criteria just to plug a gap.

Outsourcing to a B2B business development agency can be a cost-effective way to allow you to focus on your current clients while your agency partner identifies qualified leads that meet your quality criteria on your behalf. High quality, professional sales advocates act as an extension of your team and represent your company with the highest level of professionalism, giving you comfort that your brand is in safe hands.

Broadley Speaking has a mature team from a diverse range of backgrounds who are experts in understanding, distilling and communicating our clients’ propositions to their target market and developing forward pipelines for their clients.

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