Is your B2B sales strategy still up-to-date?

Your B2B sales strategy was up-to-date when you made it. But that was yesterday

Your B2B sales strategy was up-to-date when you made it. But that was yesterday

Another great day of business in London. Waiting in the departure lounge at London City and was admiring the Bloomberg LED rolling signage.

As well as the weather (v.windy!) and world clock times were some words of business wisdom. Amongst the scrolling missives was this message from arguably the worlds leader in real time business information: “Your strategy was up-to-date when you made it. But that was yesterday”

At Broadley Speaking we pride ourselves in adding value at every touch point with our clients. This includes both building and (sometimes) challenging their sales strategy.

Sometimes we do wonder if we make a rod for our own back – after all why don’t we just keep mum and take the money. Frankly, after 30 years of sales experience if we are presented with a sales strategy that clearly has flaws, or even with a bit of tweaking might be improved, we see it as our professional duty to challenge it.

But as Bloomberg would point out a strategy is only as good as when you last reappraised it and that should be done on the basis of reliable information. Our state of the art Prospect Management System (ProMS), Omnia, allows us to follow real time business intelligence around prospect companies and those decision makers that make up the buying group dynamic within them. We use this to inform the individual sales strategy for each prospect, and work in partnership with our clients, to drive new business development.

Omnia is ‘new’ but is already being used on behalf of our clients who are FTSE 100 organisations who rate it “best in class”, “outstanding” and a “game changer”. We are also using it to refine the sales strategy of much smaller organisations too. It allows us to practice our professional sales and brand advocacy skills, honed over decades, and couple them with some of the most sophisticated sales and marketing technology available. This is powerful stuff! It means we can add nuance and perspective to sales strategy virtually in real time. Of course we still have formal reviews but we can now change and develop marketing and sales messages across the prospect organisation and around the buying grid on a daily basis if that is what is appropriate.

This syncretism between highly trained sales people, a professional sales approach, and the very latest technology produces powerful results.

We would love the opportunity to get to know a bit more about your sales strategy and see if over 30 years experience of B2B sales experience might bring some new perspective.

We’re quite sure our approach isn’t for everyone and we never set up the company for it to be so. But if you are looking to develop new business and to drive sales of complex products and services to senior people we think it’s worth an informal chat.

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