Is there a typical buyer ?


Typical Buyer

Typical buyer

So here’s the thing, there isn’t a ‘typical buyer’.

I use the telephone everyday to call C suite prospects worldwide to discuss their business challenges across many areas.

The common denominator in my conversations is that everyone is different. It’s easy to get lost in a ‘sales pitch’ and push features and benefits onto someone; however, the issue most business development managers face is not making it relevant.

First, do your research, find topical news articles relevant to your prospects organisation. Then join the dots as this will aid positive first engagement with your prospect.

The key to an effective conversation is learning about your prospects, have a conversation, find out what’s important to them in their role, understand the key challenges they face. Finally, creating  qualified opportunities is about building business relationships and making sure it’s a natural process.

Doing this will allow you to uncover the true challenges and by listening to your prospect you are naturally able to match your key features and benefits to their needs.

So, it’s not rocket science, it’s Total Prospect Management, Broadley Speaking offers a fully managed service to give you qualified meetings with senior decision makers. This is only the tip of the ice berg.


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