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Investors in People

For the third successive time, Broadley Speaking has been one of the few organisations in the UK to have been awarded the Investors in People marque through primary assessment alone.

When you are outsourcing your new business development work there is always a “leap of faith”. At Broadley Speaking we aim to make that “leap” as small as possible.

We understand that you are not just outsourcing a “process” but the building of your future sales pipeline.

We understand that you are probably looking for professional sales advocacy for your product or service not just an “agent” or “operator” rattling through calls.

We understand that when you searched online for “new business development”, “telemarketing” , “telesales” or “appointment setting” you were assailed by millions of results.

So where do you start?

We would suggest taking a good look at the people who will be making calls on your behalf, their background, training, experience and motivation.

This is where Investors in People comes in.

They make people management excellence count. They’re here to help companies realise the potential of your people, improve standards and gain the accreditation to prove it.

Through their respected Standard, their business insight and their bank of tools and resources, they check organisations put their people first.

They understand that nurturing the people that sit at the heart of your business is the smart way to get ahead.

Everything Investors in People do is informed by one principle: good people make a great business. People’s strengths, people’s ambitions and people’s ideas are the engine of success. In this case your success!

So take a look at their independent assessment of the Broadley Speaking team.

” have created and exceptional company staffed by people whose potential you have nursed and nourished to create a world class team all focused on achieving great things for their clients” 

“you are an Investor in People with all the bells and whistles and your efforts should truly be marked with a higher level Gold accreditation…” 

“Everyone has the common aim of achieving their KPIs in order to satisfy their clients”

“These are confident people. Confident in their ability to deliver their KPI’s by being professional and effective in creating sales opportunities for their clients” 

“All this translates into a level of service and outcomes that clients have been unused to….it is,indeed, an unusual and very effective business development company”

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