B2B sales campaigns across BRIC countries


BRIC sales – telemarketing across South America for FORTUNE

 Broadley speaking telemarketing in Brazil, Russia, India and China


Broadley Speaking prides itself on the world class B2B sales skills that fuel its renowned telesales and telemarketing campaigns.

We work across a vast and varied range of exhilarating and exciting B2B sales campaigns; we support companies of all sizes in reaching their sales goals whilst enhancing their brands. Our work demonstrates the value we are giving to some of the UK, Europe and the World’s biggest business brands.

When enhancing your brand, choosing the right telemarketing partner is crucial. Years ago, FORTUNE chose us for telemarketing covering business leaders and heads of state on behalf of their Global Forum. As a result, today we are still working for FORTUNE.

In economics, BRIC is an acronym that refers to Brazil, Russia, India and China, all at a newly advanced economic development. For some clients the BRIC countries are increasingly coming onto their radar and we have been selling right across them. Above all, in the case of FORTUNE calling the most senior executives in Brazil, Russia and India to get them to go to FORTUNE Global Forums around the world.

But not every one of our telemarketing campaigns involves talking to leaders of FORTUNE 500 businesses; Brasilia  or Banbury, Mumbai  or Manchester, our work has been tried, tested and approved by the World’s best.

In conclusion, we have been telling you what we do but, even more importantly, we want to hear about you; we would like to know your B2B sales challenges  and how we can help you meet them.

Get in touch by email or call us 0800 988 7253 and ask us about our telemarketing campaigns across the UK,right across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

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