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4th June 2010

Telemarketing skills – Don’t just plonk people in front of screens!

 telemarketing skills
Telemarketing skills- Don’t just plonk people in front of screens!

Telemarketing is often attempted as a deskilled task. Revolving around technology and plonking people in front of screens, with branched scripts, predictive diallers and “run rates” of 50 calls an hour plus.

At Broadley Speaking we have the latest technology and processes to provide absolute transparency for clients – we believe this should be a given. You can outsource most tasks nowadays and if you believe it to be purely transactional then why not outsource to the cheapest source of supply.

Having spent a day with a new client yesterday and three new recruits today, it has been a refreshing reminder what our clients buy from us: telemarketing skills. Yes a surety and deftness of touch when it comes to process but above all that, our passion for their business, product or service.

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