An Innovative approach to Zoho CRM


An innovative approach to Zoho CRM.

Zoho crm


In our line of business, we often find interesting opportunities to work internationally; even better, we occasionally find that something we do manages to gain global recognition.

Zoho Corporation, based in Chennai, India is the software developer behind Zoho CRM and a host of other business applications. We have been working with Zoho for many years, using it for our clients and -crucially- for ourselves. Taking their platform and customising it to create OMNIA, a B2B sales-specific prospect management platform that utilises Account Based Management techniques, we gained their recognition for its innovative use and a few months ago we started the formal path which has led us to be accepted as an Authorised Zoho Consulting Partner.

OMNIA allows us to put your prospects at the centre of a perfectly crafted suite of sales and marketing activities; this builds awareness with prospects, exerts influence with buyers and allows us to sell products and services to decision makers. Through it, we can demonstrate the building and development of your sales pipeline and bring together the intelligence and tools to convert opportunities into sales.

Close collaboration with Zoho.

As Authorised Zoho Consulting Partners we now work closely with Zoho to inform, engage and enable existing and potential subscribers.

Soundarya and Yogesh from Zoho corporation, visited us last week from Chennai. We gladly welcomed them for an afternoon of discussion during which we explained the Broadley Speaking way of using all the powerful Zoho tools, we aligned our visions, discussed exciting new ways of working together with common strategies for the future.

As a result, by the end of the meeting we had agreed an action plan for year to come. We look forward to returning the favour with our trip to Chennai lined up for later in the year!

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