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Innovation within New Business Development




Business innovation has been key to the success of Broadley Speaking. Our innovation process began when Broadley Speaking was set up in 1997. Since the beginning we set out with one goal, to not be just another telemarketing company. Moving forward 18 years and Broadley Speaking has achieved just that. Broadley Speaking is unlike any other telemarketing company and has carved a unique niche in the B2B market for high level business development. This has allowed Broadley Speaking to gain recognition worldwide for supporting companies to achieve their new business development goals.


When aiming to succeed within business there are several reasons why the development of new ideas can be critical. Although every organisation will have its own priorities and sector-specific issues to balance, businesses that fail to innovate run the risk of losing ground to competitors, losing key staff, or simply operating inefficiently. Innovation can be a key differentiator between market leaders and their rivals.

Keeping ahead of the curve

Understanding new trends in the market as well as how your business is perceived is key to new business innovation.  Innovation can help you discover what opportunities exist now, or are likely to emerge in the future. In our experience the most effective way to find this information is by talking to your current clients and prospects.  Successful businesses not only respond to their current customers, but often anticipate future trends and develop an idea, product or service that allows them to meet this future demand rapidly and effectively. Innovation will help you stay ahead of your competition as markets, technologies or trends shift. You should include innovation as a key part of your overall business plan.

Thinking from the inside out

The most successful businesses don’t only design a new product or service to sell every other month. We have found that focusing on existing business processes and practices to improve efficiency, find new customers, cut down on waste and increase profits is as important to innovation as new products.

This constant innovating and improvement will also help you attract and retain the very best staff, which of course is crucial to the long-term health and performance of your business.

Be yourself

The most important lesson we have learnt within business innovation is to be yourself. Decide on what your ethos and Unique Selling Points (USP) are and be true to them. Being true to the ethos of your company will allow your product innovation to set itself apart from your competition. Consumers often see innovation as something that adds value to a company or to its products. Used properly, innovation can give you a commercial advantage – especially in saturated or rapidly shifting markets.

Within the current changing market your customers may even be willing to pay more for your well-designed, novel and innovative product or service, rather than choosing a cheaper, but less exciting rival.

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