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In-house or outsourced telesales and telemarketing?

Take a different perspective on telemarketing and telesales

You may have a received view of outsourced telesales. You may have tried to outsource this type of business development work before.

In a world of dramatically changing buying behaviour,your sales approach must evolve or you will be left behind. You should,probably, also review your received view of telemarketing and telesales.

If you are considering how to boost your sales and thinking about outsourced telesales or telemarketing, you should think beyond the usual metrics. Even if you are contemplating doing it in-house, think about the type of resource you may need to fulfil your goals – the real resource: recruitment, training, appraisal, focus, motivation, discipline – the management time.

In an interesting book by Dixon and Adamson: “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” they talk about successful sales in our new economy.

 What to do

“So the question now is: What do you do about it? If you are going to win, you’ve got to equip your sales people to generate new demand. With customers who dislike risk and are struggling to buy complex solutions, it takes a special kind of sales professional……….the best sales people have evolved a set of unique and powerful sales skills to keep up

At Broadley Speaking we have a highly skilled team of professional sales advocates with those “unique and powerful sales skills”. It’s a script free environment and way beyond what you might understand and expect from outsourced telesales.

We work in some of the toughest and most complex markets in the World; pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals, bio pharmaceuticals, green chemistry,and transport infrastructure to name just a few.

What we do

Day in day out we locate senior, key decision makers, establish their specific needs and sell them complex solutions. As a result, we generate sales measured in seven-figure sums delivering our own industry-leading brand of telemarketing and telesales. We work for some of the largest global brands such as Flex, Fortune Magazine, Eurocell, BP Castrol, World Fuel Services and Compass Group; across the UK and Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world.

Our work with the Compass Group started 7 years ago with one division of the UK & Ireland Group; we are now not only the preferred supplier for the whole of the Compass UK & Ireland but our approach has been adopted across Europe, APAC and MEA.

We provide multilingual inside sales and new business development for many of our clients across the globe. Our objective is always to identify, nurture and deliver new business opportunities. To do this we take a blended approach using all the communication tools at our disposal. We deliver tailored sales messages to the buyers and influencers we have identified.  Each client has different requirements; therefore our approach will change from case to case using telemarketing, web site design, build and content development and management. Social media campaigns and good old fashioned direct mail may also be employed.

Read more about how we offer Telemarketing and Telesales services across the globe, or get in touch to understand how our intelligent sales approach could benefit your business.

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