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How to Use Pop-ups for Conversions.

How to Use Pop-ups for Conversions.

Are you wondering how to use pop-ups for your marketing campaigns? Are you afraid they will annoy and  scare off your visitors?

Like any other form of advertising, pop-ups may be useful or annoying. If they get in the way of the visitor’s experience on a website, your visitor will abandon your website; often this is because what’s being offered in the pop-up is not valuable to the visitor or has nothing to do with the page the visitor is viewing, or visitors are attacked by a pop-up as soon as they land on your website. On the other hand, if pop up’s are well-crafted and managed, they are one of the highest-converting forms of advertising.

Here are 5 tips to craft high-converting pop ups for your campaigns.

1 – Offer real value.

Offer something that is both valuable to the viewers and relevant to the page they’re on. For example, if you use a pop-up form to ask your viewers to subscribe to your newsletter, make sure your pop-up form appears on a page which talks about your newsletter.

2 – Think about the way people engage with your pages.

A common mistake with pop-ups is that very often they appear at the wrong time. Be strategic about the timing and trigger of your pop-ups.

For instance, when someone is interested in a blog post and starts reading it they will scroll down the page as they read the content. If your pop-up form appears as soon as a visitor starts rreading, you will only annoy them but, if a subscription pop-up form appears at the end or when someone has scrolled halfway down the page, they will perceive your pop-up as an easy way to subscribe to a useful resource.

3 – Use the right language.

Specify exactly what a visitor is going to get if they click on your pop-up. If you want them to download a resource, tell them it’s a 10-page guide with actionable tips. If you want them to join your email list, ask if they’d be okay with getting emails per week/month…..

Craft a compelling call-to-action that will inspire your visitors to do what you expect: instead of “Click Here,” ask your visitors to “get our Free SEO Audit Guide” .

Make sure your visitors know there is a person behind the pop-up form and don’t think it has been crafted by a machine. Instead of “Subscribe to our blog,” try “We’d be happy to notify you when we publish new articles.”

4 – Don’t ruin the mobile experience.

Ensure a user-friendly mobile experience and use pop-ups that don’t take up the entire screen of the page on mobile devices. Most pop-up tools already offer this type of functionality.

5 – Provide an easy and visible way out

If all the above does not work, and your visitors still do not want to subscribe to your blog or join your mailing list, make sure your pop-up forms are easy to close.

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