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Preparation is key, if you want to Succeed in International Sales.


Nearly 40% of our current work involves working hand in glove with clients supporting them achieve international sales. So perhaps it was no surprise that Broadley Speaking was asked to give a  ‘keynote’ talk at the Plymouth International Trade Club.

International sales can provide fantastic returns and we are currently supporting a number of our clients breaking into complex markets around the Globe. We have found that now, more than ever, businesses can look abroad for significant parts of the growth they seek.

One big step forward is to understand that “Europe” , “South America” , or the “BRICs” are not homogeneous. (Cue shameless leverage of Great British Bake Off imagery and did you know macaroons are the new cupcakes?) .

You need the right international sales strategy that is good for you and your target country.

You can’t take a one size fits all approach. Each country has its own dynamic, with different social, cultural, political and commercial traditions; to break through, companies must understand the relevant dynamics and manifestly demonstrate respect for them. Some of the worst horrors we have come across have come from companies not understanding these nuances. In my own experience some American companies see “Europe” as that large island east of Hawaii. Neither should a Brit treat a Texan like a Californian.

So don’t make the mistake of treating Europe, or any other territory, as a whole; there are distinct differences between North and South Europe and between each individual country within them.

Plan to succeed.

Don’t try to break into international markets without a plan. Have you got the necessary resources? Do you know how your products or services are distributed in your target country? Are you familiar with local regulations? How are you going to find the right people to talk to? Have you got  the right Lead Generation strategy in place? Together with you, we can find just the right strategy for your case; thanks to the latest technology and our communication systems, we can put your sales teams in front of the right decision-makers; we follow and coordinate all information and actions with you, so that we can take action and adapt as needed, at any time.

I don’t speak foreign languages; can I still be successful in International Sales?

Language is not necessarily a barrier; English is still the language of international sales business. However, where language is an issue, we support you with linguists who speak your language and know local business standards. This allows you to leverage the power of our intra continental sales and marketing work.

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David Conn, Broadley Speaking keynote address at Plymouth International Trade Club



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