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How to get past gatekeepers

How to get past gatekeepers

How do you differentiate your B2B sales call from the other thirty that the gatekeeper has blocked today?

After reading multiple “how to get past the gatekeeper” manuals I decided to do my own analysis of what works and what doesn’t work. These are my findings:

Don’t treat the gatekeeper as a less senior influencer than others.
We can easily underestimate the authority that a gatekeeper has in an organisation. The perception of a gatekeeper needs to move forward with the times; with various methods of communication available, their role is really challenging. Therefore most gatekeepers today are highly-qualified, trusted professionals.

Do your research before you pick up the phone.
To ensure your call is credible and to gain the respect of a gatekeeper know what you are talking about, be armed with relevant news or information about the company and ask for their name; this shows you want them to take you seriously and you respect them.

Build rapport from the word go.
It is very clear that if you build a relationship with the gatekeeper your path to speaking to the senior decision maker becomes shorter and much more accessible.

Ask for advice.
The most successful sales calls include empathy and understanding; if you ask for their help and guidance you instantly stand out from the crowds of bullish sales calls they have every day. For example;” what’s the best way to communicate with Mr. Prospect?”

Be authoritative.
At this point in the call -or multiple calls- you have had with the gatekeeper you have gained their respect; they know you on a first name basis, you have their Trust, you are now in a better position to be more authoritative and take control.

Don’t forget about them!
It is not uncommon to organise two or three meetings with prospects over a period of time for your client, perhaps with other buyers involved. Once you have achieved your desired outcome, call the gatekeeper back and thank them for helping you through the process; this goes a long way.

It would be great to hear any tips you have with getting past the gatekeeper in your B2B sales calls. Here at Broadley Speaking we deal with complex markets and sectors that require an intelligent approach and conversations with senior decision makers.

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