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How to get attention in Telemarketing and telesales

how to get attention in telemarketing and telesales
We often talk with our clients about mistaking “activity” for “action” when they think about telemarketing and telesales.

Nowadays,  it’s  less expensive than ever to get someone’s contact details, plug them into an auto-dialler, strap the operator to the machine and set the machine running. This is ‘old school’ telemarketing and telesales. Unfortunately, it appears it still represents the industry norm but, especially with GDPR already in force, you need to be really careful.

There is a difference between access and attention and if you misplace this focus you quickly begin to confuse “activity” and “action”.  Just because you have someone’s contact information it doesn’t mean they are going to be listening. It doesn’t matter how often you dial and interrupt your prospect; it does not make them more likely to engage. In fact, quite the contrary; the more we treat access as the same as attention the less likely you are to get real attention and engagement.

Gaining access to someone is NOT a right. You have to respect and work hard to earn the prospect’s attention.

You need the right telemarketing tools.

There are plenty of smart tools that we use that allow us to gain respect and work smart around our client’s prospects to win attention and progress the sale, most noteworthy, Omnia.

When we work with our clients, a good many have high value products and services that, inevitably, have long sales cycles. A prospect’s attention has to be won and sustained over a long period of time. Any prospect has more access, to more information, through more channels than ever before. Furthermore, in today’s lean organisations most decision makers and influencers have less time than ever before. There lies the issue.

We work with our clients to cut through this ‘fog’ to win both sales hearts and minds.

Yes, the telephone is still our single most potent weapon, but we use it as an incisive tool not a bludgeoning weapon. If it’s used as the latter you quickly fall into the scope of the law of unintended consequences. Persistently attempting to interrupt prospects will, in fact, damage your brand and its credibility, and also your chances of making a successful sale; not enhance your chances of success.

Modern telemarketing and telesales is about working smart around prospects, as well as working hard. The latter without the former, will alienate your prospects and devalue your brand.

It’s a fine balance.

We’d love to show you how we work smart around prospects for our clients and help them win profitable new business. Read our Telemarketing and Sales page, e-mail us now or call us on 0800 988 7253

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