Unleashing the potential in overseas markets -overseas sales


Unleashing the potential in overseas markets – overseas sales

overseas sales generate foreign currency

As many of our customers appreciate moving into new markets can provide fantastic returns.

Broadley Speaking overseas sales campaigns work to dramatic effect.

We work with Irish companies selling across Europe, Italian companies marketing into the US,Canadian companies selling across North America,companies in Scotland selling software into Scandinavia and Northern Europe,working with US companies selling into Qatar,Oman,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Egypt and Israel. The list goes on – we’re sure you get the picture.

As many of our customers are finding out there are huge opportunities waiting to be grasped,but sometimes these require a change of mindset, particularly for those businesses that have historically focussed solely on their domestic markets.

We have been asked many times about how we generate sales results in territories other than in the UK. A good deal can be put down to the principals of Broadley Speaking having 30 years experience of making sales and running sales operations in most countries of the World.This level of experience brings an understanding of the elements that organisations need to embrace in order to expand overseas.

In the most recent issue of  “Management Today”,Paul Walsh, CEO of Diageo* points to some of these  key elements to consider if you want to take the plunge.

“Look for help – the first step is always the hardest…”

As Paul points out there is plenty of help about. UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) can offer tremendous support and advice through its  network of specialists.We have worked with,and for,UKTI over the years and can vouch for their wealth of information. We can also help you plug into their services as well as some of the Diplomatic Services that now have a far greater focus on economic diplomacy.

“..markets aren’t homogeneous”.

Each country has its own dynamic, with different social, cultural, political and commercial traditions” . We have seen some howlers in our time – companies attempting to pile in to “Europe” with a one size fits all approach. With our experience we adapt and change sales approaches between territories. Quite often this is not about language but a matter of style and approach.

“Look for local partners” –

as well as offering direct sales approaches to our clients we help team them up with our local connections to help deliver scale and distribution of goods and services.

“Your sales team will need to be well versed in the local market..”

and(generally) we are. Where we are not, we are not afraid to say, and again will help you make the right connections.

Through our partners across the globe we can help you with international trade show and conference participation, translation, transcreation and even multimedia localization.

Give us a call on +44 1822 618537 if you want to explore the potential overseas expansion offers.

*Paul Walsh is a business ambassador for the Government

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