Creating global business opportunities for multinational clients:a case study


How our multilingual team create global business opportunities for multinational clients resulting in valuable new business contracts.  A Case Study.



Global business opportunities are hard to find. Here is an example of how we do this at Broadley Speaking.

Who is our Client?

Their brand is a well known household name and is synonymous with high performance.

Worldwide, they are known and respected for their commitment to specialization, innovation and collaboration, not least in the world of Motorsport. Their products are sold in more than 150 countries and the brand is the preferred partner for VW, Audi and BMW, amongst others.

The client’s objectives

Our client had identified a need to generate new business within the German market following 12 months with no new opportunities.

New clients start with a 6-month trial

In order to achieve this they were keen to ‘get in front of’ large prospect companies. To help, they needed up-to-date market insights and increased alignment in their sales and marketing activities. 

The Challenge

The largest challenge was reaching the right decision makers within the prospect companies.  Many of these occupy senior positions within procurement departments and are busy people.

What’s our solution?

A four month proof of concept.

We apply our Total Prospect Management Approach.  The first stage was to qualify and build on raw prospect data.  In some cases, this was just a phone number.

We identified key decision makers for each company and targeted our approach by understanding what was likely to be important and relevant to them within their role at that time.

Relationship building with influencers within the prospect companies was of utmost importance given the challenges associated with reaching the ultimate decision makers.

We supported our calling and emailing activity with targeted e-shots to the relevant personnel, as well as creating valuable connections on LinkedIn with whom we were able to share relevant material.

What outcomes did we generate for our client?

  • Visibility of fully qualified data on their prospect companies.
  • Valuable insights into their chosen market with recommendations based on these.
  • Buyer’s grids of key decision makers and influencers within target companies.
  • Alignment of sales and marketing activity through our omni-channel approach.
  • Thoroughly qualified sales appointments arranged with key decision makers with first year sales value of 1.5m euros.
  • These led to two new client trials.

Broadley Speaking has more that 20 years’ experience in creating global business opportunities. Get in touch and we will be happy to share our approach and solutions. 

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