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How to Generate Quality Leads for Technology Companies.


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Broadley Speaking provides science business development for companies looking for efficient ways to contact their potential market; our clients range from pharmaceutical companies, biotech start up’s and academia.
Our team are fully conversant with the relevant aspects of marketing and selling in this niche sector; we know the B2B scientific and laboratory sectors and what companies need in domestic and international markets. Most of all, we know what a quality lead looks like. Therefore, we can develop, manage and implement extremely successful Lead Generation campaigns finding high-quality leads for technology companies.

We add great value to our clients’ businesses by giving them all the necessary intelligence to close the best deals; we nurture the leads and keep regular contact to move them through the sales pipeline until we arrange an appointment.

One good example of a successful campaign is our client Stratophase.

Stratophase developed a revolutionary in-situ sensor which dynamically monitors changes in bioreactor cultures in real time. When they contacted us, they were eager to have their new tool evaluated by top bio-pharmaceutical companies; thanks to our working knowledge of the techniques involved and our experience of speaking to this kind of decision-makers, we managed to connect with the right people inside the target organisations and explain to them the benefits of this newly-developed tool.

First of all, when introducing a new product or service to prospects we profile the organisation to uncover exactly where the key decision makers sit; then we start reaching out and advocating our clients’ products with the right people. This is how we create qualified leads on behalf of our prospects.
As sales people who are also scientists, we believe preparation is key. We run client workshops to ensure we thoroughly understand our client’s proposition, their market and the decision makers they need to speak to; we get all the necessary intellectual property sorted and agree clear KPIs and expectations. As a result, once we start working on a campaign our success rate is really high.

Finally, listen to Mandy Meredith, who heads our Science and technology division, talking about how Broadley Speaking delivers quality leads for technology companies in the video below.


Mandy Meredith – Broadley Speaking’s work with science and technology companies from Broadley Speaking on Vimeo.


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