How can cycling help improve New Business Development


How can cycling help improve New Business Development


The benefits of cycling are numerous – it is environmentally friendly, a way to keep fit and be healthy, and more importantly great fun, but it also helps with new business development. This isn’t just down to the endorphins that are created while cycling helping to boost your business development team, but also the lessons we can learn from the approach Sir Dave Brailsford took during his time at British Cycling.

At Broadley Speaking we have been conducting sales and brand advocacy for almost two decades. We partner with our clients to become a seamless extension of their company. Not only do we help them to develop new business, we also support them in innovating their whole sales process. We help our clients break down their sales process, review every step and suggest changes that will improve their sales funnel. Small tweaks at each stage result in a large scale improvement to the whole process.

This was the philosophy that Sir Dave Brailsford used to turn British Cycling into the most successful British team in any sport at a world and Olympic level.

Sir Dave Brailsford explained, “If you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved it by one percent, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together”.

It was thought that you cannot reinvent the wheel, but Sir Dave Brailsford seems to have done just that as well. In bringing Osymetric rings into performance cycling. Questioning the status quo and doing things differently is how innovation is born.  The key to real success is not only doing this for one aspect of your business, but having a holistic approach and reviewing your whole business process. Always question, can it be done better? Don’t worry about having the solution, just asking yourself if it can be done is the first step. After you have identified what can be improved, then find a solution.

This holistic approach and unique offering has allowed us to partner with some of the largest B2B brands, like Fortune MagazineCompass GroupWorld Fuel ServicesCastrol and BP. But it isn’t just the large B2B companies that understand that a holistic approach is key to developing business, we also have a strong background of working with SMEs, like Ghosterythe People Experts and Bishop Fleming.

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