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How can colours help new business development?

How can colours help new business development?

Broadley Speaking has gained global recognition as the leader in delivering highly qualified, high value new business development opportunities on behalf of our clients.  As well constantly succeeding in developing new business for our clients, we also work hard internally to make sure that our team has the very best personal career development opportunities as well.

We understand that our team is our most important asset to Broadley Speaking.  Last year for the third successive time, Broadley Speaking has been one of the few organisations in the UK to be awarded the Investors in People marque through primary assessment alone.

As our team is the most important asset to Broadley Speaking, we have also recently undergone work with Insights, a global Learning and Development Company who specialise in inspiring individuals and transforming organisations.

The Insights® system is based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and works with a person’s personal preferences in terms of attitudes (introversion / extroversion), rational functions (thinking / feeling), and irrational functions (sensing / intuition).

Insights Discovery® differs from other profiling tests and tools in the simple but effective use of a unique colour system, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow,Earth Green and Cool Blue (Insights® Colour Energies) to help individuals remember their personal preferences and more easily identify the behavioural preferences of others.

Apart from the user-friendly approach of Insights®, another strength is its focus not just on knowing yourself but also on recognising others, adapting your style, and connecting accordingly.  This makes Insights Discovery® an extremely useful tool in improving interpersonal effectiveness.

It all starts with Perception

Two people can look at the same thing and yet both see something different.

Do you see a young or old lady?

 This view is formed by your own individual perceptions and beliefs.  If you can understand where these perceptions and beliefs come from, you can then begin to understand why other people see things differently.
By understanding people, you can begin to appreciate who they are and improve your relationships with them.

The Discovery Colour Energies

Insights engine
The origins of personality trait theory date back to ancient Greece and Hippocrates.  Hippocrates observed four distinct groups of characteristics, which he labelled the ‘Four Humours’.  He determined that once he could identify what type of ‘humour’ a person had, he could predict their likely behaviour.

Many researchers have subsequently expanded on this knowledge, and Insights has built on the extensive work of Swiss psychologist Dr Carl G Jung (1875-1961) to develop the Insights Discovery learning system.

This system uses four distinct colour energies which you can apply in your daily life to help you understand why you behave in the way you do, and why other people might behave differently.

Fiery Red

People with a preference for Fiery Red energy are extroverted and have high energy.  They are action oriented and always in motion. They will approach others in a direct, authoritative manner, radiating a desire for power and control.

Sunshine Yellow

People with a preference for Sunshine Yellow energy are strongly extroverted, radiant, and friendly.  They are usually positive and concerned with good human relations. They will approach others in a persuasive, democratic manner, radiating a desire for sociability.

Earth Green

People with a preference for Earth Green energy focus on values and depth in relationships.  They want others to be able to rely on them.  They prefer democratic relations that value the individual and are personal in style, radiating a desire for understanding.

Cool Blue

People with a preference for Cool Blue energy are introverted and have a desire to know and understand the world around them. They prefer written communication in order to maintain clarity and precision, radiating a desire for analysis.All the Colour Energies add value

All colours have equal value and everyone will use all four colour energies to varying degrees. It is the unique ordering and degree of energies which will shape your personal style.

It is your preference for one or two colour energies in particular that will indicate your dominant or preferred style of thinking, decision making, interacting, working and communicating.

It is the recognition of and adaption to these preferences that provides the secret keys to enhanced communication and inter-personal effectiveness.

Every individual is unique and with the potent power of Insights Discovery® this allows you to describe that uniqueness and how to tap into its full potential.

If you want to understand how the team at Broadley Speaking uses these colours on a day to day basis and how Broadley Speaking can help you develop a greater insight into your prospects, then call Hilary directly on 0800 988 7253