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19th July 2011

“Summer” 2011 – high level telemarketing pulls results despite the weather.

As the rain continues to thump down and the summer “sunshine” occasionally peaks through the relentless job of making one-to-one contact with senior decision makers continues. Telemarketing, a perfectly valid term of course, doesn’t really sum it up. Locating, researching and effectively contacting , what the Americans call “C” level executives is an art in itself. At Broadley Speaking we work at a level way beyond what most people understand as telemarketing or telesales.

Apart of this is down to canny data management and use. This is not just a matter of finding  job titles like Chief Operating Officer but weeding out the faux ones.

We did once find a Head of Worldwide Marketing in a software company that hadn’t sold one licence. Ambitious but……

We have now turned up a COO with virtually no commercial experience and running a conglomerate with a massive six figure turnover .

In the real world of high level telemarketing and telesales, at Broadley Speaking we pride ourselves in placing our clients in front of the right people at the right time. We specialise in selling moderately complex products and services to senior people. Recent appointments with Black & Decker, Telegraph Media Group, Ideal Standard, Muller Dairy, Dyson, Lloyds TSB and Sainsbury to name but a few. All achieved through high grade telemarketing

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