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Happy May Day

May Day pole dancing
Long before May Day became synonymous with Soviet politicians and military parades through Moscow, it was an important date in the South-West’s calendar. A time for Devon and Cornwall to erupt in joyous celebration.

In every town and village, the arrival of Spring was met with parties and feasting. Flaxen-haired maidens danced around maypoles, flagons of cider were gulped and the ‘obby ‘oss (or hobby horse, to you and me) pranced through the streets. But whilst many of Britain’s old feasts remain culturally valid, May Day seems to have fallen largely by the wayside. People love eggs at Easter, Jack O’ Lanterns at Halloween and presents at Christmas, yet Spring’s traditions are forgotten.

Which is a great shame. For this season, and May in particular, chime with the constant cycle of rebirth and fresh growth.

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Just don’t ask us to erect a maypole in our Tavistock office. Health and Safety won’t allow it.

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