Best in class lead generation fuelled by great team work


Great team work inspires best in class lead generation

Lead generation is a tough job – generating properly qualified, high quality new business leads for clients is highly satisfying work but it can be provide its fair share of challenges.

If you are reading this because you have Googled ‘generating leads’ you will probably have received around 8,000,000 responses! So as a company looking for professional B2B lead generation where do you start?

Broadley Speaking holds a very  particular niche in this vast lead generation  spectrum. We specialise in lead generation for companies, of all sizes, that are (generally) looking to sell relatively complex, products and services to senior people. This is not work for the feint hearted! Every day our team are talking to C-level decision makers, gaining an understanding of their needs, sometimes building “need” where they don’t think they have it, and starting the process of catalysing change in their organisations.

As clients come, they don’t come much bigger than Compass Group plc – the World’s 6th largest employer. Last year they were seeking to standardise their lead generation across the group by appointing the “best in class” new business development and lead generation partner. Through a rigorous selection process they decided on Broadley Speaking. So we were delighted to find ourselves centre stage at their recent sales and retention conference which was held at The King Power Stadium – home of newly crowned Premiership Champions, Leicester City.

What got us there? Apart from 5 years of delivering winning results for Compass –  great team work.

What did we find when we got there? Great team work!

Not only among the Compass sales and retention teams but also the buzzing Club and City that is Leicester. We also came across one of the smartest pieces of marketing we have seen for quite some time.

Leicester City’s sporting achievement cannot be underplayed; 5,000-1 outsiders for the title last August, in fact likely candidates for relegation at the beginning of the season, they beat off the big money teams to win the title. This in a league where it’s usually given that money buys success. Can they realistically do this again? Their answer – who cares?? In the club shop we found this declaration.

great teamwork fuels great lead generation

 ” No matter the occasion, the stage or fanfare, we do not falter.

  As underdogs. As top dogs. Together we stand. To eye this next horizon

  This new world. Is our new stage, From the terrace. To the pitch. To the boardroom.      We play our part.Regardless

 Because when all is said and done and history hangs in the balance, we remain

 #Foreverfearless ” 

 A clarion call to players, fans, directors, the whole city and new fans all over the world that come what may, no matter what, if they stick together, and work as a team they can deal with anything that comes their way.

We believe the same applies to high quality B2B lead generation. At Broadley Speaking we work as team. We are far from a big call centre. We are a team of of 35 sales professionals working hard and diligently to create new business opportunities for our clients. We know that working as a supportive team, together we can meet any challenge that comes our way. To pull together, no matter which accounts individuals are representing at anytime, we can work together to support each other through the inevitable challenges we face. We never set out to be the biggest – we do strive to be the best.

So when one of the World’s leading businesses nominates as “best in class” in terms of lead generation and new business development that’s when we know our teamwork is paying dividends.

If you want to find out how our great team work can support you in generating leads and achieving your new business goals, call us on 0800 988 7253