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When the World’s leading business brands need to speak to their customers they choose Broadley Speaking to do it.

There’s a sensible case to be made that FORTUNE is the most powerful B2B brand in the World. It represents required reading for the World’s most senior business executives.

It is the World’s most well-informed and insightful business magazine

With unrivalled access to the people and ideas that are shaping the business world on a daily – even hourly – basis, FORTUNE magazine is required reading for successful executives the world over.

Since 1995, the FORTUNE Global Forum has convened the heads of global business—the chairmen, presidents, and CEOs of the world’s largest companies—on the dynamic frontiers of international commerce. In 2013 the Global Forum will return to China for the 4th time, convening in Chengdu, an energetic growing city in south western China that is both a symbol and the reality of the 21st century global economy. [ Chengdu is also the home of the giant panda, hence the cuddly picture on the home page]

China is at a key inflection point, changing dynamically, and the FORTUNE Global Forum is the highest-level place for multinational CEOs—and the heads of China’s most important companies— to gain visibility into the emerging new trends, and meet the people that are shaping “China’s New Future.” It represents an unparalleled opportunity to build the key relationships and obtain insights that are vital to positioning multinational companies for long-term success, in China and on a global basis.

Participation in the FORTUNE Global Forum is by invitation only, and is attended by the CEOs of the Fortune Global 500 companies, along with the most important leaders from China and other nations.

Amongst all the B2B contact centres across Europe, who was chosen by the World’s leading business brand to talk to their audience of the CEOs of the World’s largest corporations? You’ve guessed it !  Broadley Speaking.

We’re proud, delighted and excited to be involved in the promotion of the event.

Assuming you are not a CEO of a FORTUNE 500 business or a World leader, we won’t be calling you about this but here’s a sneaky video preview of what you’ll be missing, FORTUNE Global Forum 

If you would like to understand more about our work with major business brands take a look at some of our other case studies or call us on 0800 988 7253 and we’ll talk you through them.


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