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First impressions count – 21st century new business development

There’s a new breed of new business development in the 21st century which is about generating new revenues and enhancing brand experience

Catalyst, the re- thought and rebranded magazine from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) makes for a cracking read nowadays.

The January 2016 issue arrived on our desks today – its focus “Brand Experience”

There’s a number of fascinating insights but one sticks out a mile to us.

“A strong brand is now more dependent on customers’ direct experience with an offering and their relationship with the firm that produces it”

(Harvard Business Review, 2015)

This experience we would argue starts right from the get-go. The likely first experience of a customer in developing a brand new relationship with a new supplier is more than likely – a ‘cold’ call.

We are often asked about the logos of our clients that flow across the bottom of our web site – “what do they have on common?”

Three things usually:

1.     Generally, they are companies that sell relatively complex, relatively high value products or services

2.     They need to find and make contact with (groups of) senior decision makers and influencers in businesses and organisations

3.     They all cherish the value of their brand; they not only want to see that it is protected but enhanced at every point of contact with a suspect or prospect.

Now more than ever new business development is complex work.

You can’t legitimately fill a pipeline by getting a decision maker’s name from Google and getting the end date of their existing contract from an Executive Assistant.

Regularly we might have numerous sales conversations with decision makers and influencers across the buying group dynamic before we hand the prospect – fully qualified – to our client.

At each of these contact points lies an opportunity to listen and learn from the prospect; and for them in turn to begin to build an insight into the supplier’s brand from the type and level of contact they are experiencing. This is what we mean at Broadley Speaking when we talk about “professional sales and brand advocacy”.

We (sort of) see a place for large outbound call centres in the B2B environment; however, for selling high value, complex , relationship based sales these won’t work.

If you want to win the hearts and minds of your prospects as well as their budget we can help you turn more of your prospects into high value customers.

If you want your customer experience to begin on the most positive note, read this page or get in touch to talk to us about how we have become the preferred supplier of new business development services to some of the world’s biggest B2B brands


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