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30th March 2011

Fantastic feedback to our unique style of telemarketing

We do a great deal of telemarketing for charities – but, perhaps surprisingly, nothing to do with direct fund raising

It’s always great to feedback from our clients and here’s some from Simon Hancock at the NSPCC

“Im really busy so I only work with suppliers who “get it” and more importantly get on with it without unnecessary repetition or supervision. It became quickly clear that I could leave a clear brief with Isabel and she would fill in the gaps, refine the approach, add any strategy necessary and produce the results. They contacted our service users and senior directors as if they did work for us, there were reservations about this but in practice it was the same as members of our organisation making the call. The evaluation wasnt huge from our end because the results were so high it was a no brainer to continue with other campaigns as quickly as possible.”

If you would like to understand the telemarketing projects we have undertaken on behalf of the NSPCC please give Hilary a call on 01822 618537 and she’ll fill you in on the detail