Broadley Speaking at the Oxford Climate Forum - ethical telemarketing


Broadley Speaking at the Oxford Climate Forum – ethical telemarketing

Ethical telemarketing – our work at the Oxford Climate Forum

This weekend we are attending the Oxford Climate Forum.

Why? The Oxford Climate Forum is the country’s highest-profile conference on climate change  bringing leading thinkers and doers under one roof to discuss the key environmental concerns facing the global community.

Broadley Speaking can sensibly lay claim to be the UK’s leading proponent of sales and new business generation services across the environmental sector. Our customers offer a vast range of environmental  services and technologies.

Day in, day out we talk to industry decision makers in both the public and private sectors about environmental issues and how they can save money, and the planet, by considering their organisations carbon foot print and using the latest practices and technology to minimise it.

By investing time at the Oxford Climate Forum this allows us to remain at the leading edge of environmental thinking and practice and to talk with policy makers (and future policy makers), journalists, technologists and politicians  about their work and the work we do on behalf of clients talking to business and industry in the UK helping them balance commercial need with environmental responsibility.

Our message to speakers and delegates at OCF

If you are interested in attending we believe there are still a few tickets left