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Detailed preparation at the heart of professional telemarketing and telesales

Sometimes when we are asked to conduct telemarketing and telesales on behalf of clients they will say: “We have a script and list of names – when can you get started?” With the kind of high level telemarketing and telesales we conduct its highly unusual it is that simple.

The level at which our modern telemarketing and sales works, as professional sales advocacy for our clients, demands that “taking the brief” is not just about receiving instruction but really getting under the skin of our clients product and service in order to represent them to the standards for which we have become recognised. We need to live and breathe it, and be entirely enthused by the passion they have, so that we can communicate it evocatively using the telephone.

We generally sell moderately complex products and services to senior people – generally experts in their own fields. We have to be polished, seamless, credible and informed.

Similarly, its not about an account manager coming to take a brief and then going back to base to rebrief a team of agents. Right from the start of any campaign the entire team engages with the client and their industry.

The picture above is a great example – it’s a members of our Compass team on site with our Compass colleagues at a secondary school in Newport, Gwent.

Compass is the World’s leading food service company and having worked with them for over two years we now work across the majority of their business sectors. One of our more recent engagements is with their education division, Chartwells. They service every sort and size of educational establishment across the UK.

As am I sure you are aware after the publicity around the Leon Report and the hullabaloo about packed lunches, food in schools is a political hot potato ( sorry couldn’t resist that one!) – so to really get to grips with the issues our team went with the Compass crew to visit three schools in South Wales where Chartwells have already made a massive impact. We talked with the Headteachers and the school management teams, the catering teams and the kids.

In one school, school meal take up had been 21% with the balance of students having nutritionally substandard packed lunches before the Chartwells intervention. Now its over 60%. You should see the menus – it wasn’t like that in my day!

Is this sort of detail really needed for a telemarketing and sales campaigns? We believe so. In the case of changing the buying patterns of Local Authorities and schools we are talking about catalyzing major cultural changes around contracts measured in their millions of pounds.

Its not easy work and many people would not think that what they understand as telemarketing and sales could either work at this level or achieve such significant results.

Talk to us and we’ll show you a canon of work stretching over a 17 year period that will probably reframe your view of what professionally conducted telemarketing and telesales can achieve

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