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12th December 2008

December 2008 Newsletter – bargains in the telemarketing industry

Newsletter – Major bargains in the direct marketing / telemarketing industry

“…this [ telemarketing] looks like one of the
major bargains in the direct
marketing industry…”
Precision Marketing, November 2008

As we approach Christmas and look forward to 2009
there will be many people in sales and marketing
wondering just what the New Year will bring

Even the most optimistic pundits (and we wager you won’t find many!) are telling us that 2009 will be a tough year for everyone in business. Unless you are in the unfortunate position of “shutting up shop” then it’s likely you will have some tough choices to make in marketing and sales in the forthcoming period.

Marketing budgets cuts but still expected to feed your pipeline?

Asked to cut sales “heads” but still faced with aggressive sales targets?

Being asked to conjure up sales opportunities?

Your traditional marketing methods are showing decreasing return on investment?

Time to try telemarketing? 

Precision Marketing, the UK’s leading publication for marketing professionals, may have the answer. In the November issue, PM focused on the revolution in what has been known historically as “telemarketing” and pointed clearly to the marketing efficiencies that can be provided by taking an intelligent and focused approach to direct customer contact and lead generation.

“At less than the cost of a daily newspaper clients can recruit a customer, warm up a prospect or capture vital data “– Precision Marketing, October 2008

Many marketers get this far with their thinking! “If only I had the people / the time / the skills / the energy to call prospective customers from “cold” and turn them into sales…”
It needn’t be an ‘if only’.

Your experience of telemarketing may well put you off. After all could you, hand on heart, as the guardian of your brand place it in the hands (and mouths) of the vast majority of those people who ring you at home, or at work, under the banner of telemarketing? 2009 is time to think again about the opportunities that an ‘Intelligent Sales’ approach can bring to your business.

At Broadley Speaking we are NOT the biggest 100% b2b telemarketing company in the UK, but our clients tell us we are the best. For more information on our clients please click here If you can’t see one that is directly relevant to your type of business email here, tell us a little about your business and we’ll get right back to you.

We specialise in selling complex products and professional services to the most senior buyers throughout the UK, Europe and the US. We work with global ‘blue chips’, national brands and SMEs, making a difference where it matters – their bottom line.

Quite simply, our sales professionals supply unscripted, individual sales conversations based on our understanding of you, the client, and our experience of sales in a variety of sectors. This combination works to achieve outstanding results. That’s why, over the last 12 years “Intelligent Sales” has become a byword for b2b contact centre excellence. That’s why you can rely on Broadley Speaking to help fill your pipeline and enhance your brand.

To find out exactly how Broadley Speaking’s “Intelligent Sales” approach can drive your sales forward in 2009 please call Hilary Broadley on 0800 988 7253