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How data management can support B2B sales

Big dataWe originally published this article on January 30th 2018; since then, we have been accepted as Authorised Zoho Consulting Partner

Big Data management is a big issue at the moment, and not just for big businesses.

Companies have more information than ever before regarding their customers, competitors and operating processes; this has changed the B2B sales environment forever.

The increasing volume of information gathered has reached an unprecedented scale, and continues to grow at an exponential rate. However, far too many organisations collect masses of data without a clear understanding of its full potential.

Data Management involves processing, analysing and utilising information so that it can be applied to guide decision-making; but how can data be of benefit to small and medium-sized organisations?

How does data management help boost B2B sales?

To serve the needs of a prospect, it’s important to understand the challenges they face and what’s important to them.

If an Economic Buyer is looking to improve cost efficiencies then it would make sense to discuss the financial details of your proposition and how it could benefit the buyer. Sounds obvious, right? But many organisations struggle to collect, share and utilise this information.

A B2B purchasing decision involves approximately 4.5 buyers, and there may be up to seven different buying influences. That’s a lot of different people with different needs looking for different solutions. By gathering information on each of these buyers’ preferences, the sales team can tailor their approach to best articulate the key benefits that will resonate with each buyer; this will ensure engagement and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Using OMNIA, our bespoke prospect management platform, we can capture all the data surrounding our prospects and store it in one central location to give the sales team complete oversight of the wider opportunity and help them to convert those opportunities into new business.

In addition to the Prospect Management Platform we have created for ourselves, we also offer our expertise in creating CRM solutions on behalf of our clients.

We don’t just collect data; we can gather information and draw insights that are relevant to assist sales team with their Total Prospect Management approach.

If you want to understand how managing data can support your sales process then get in touch with one of our team for a free consultation.

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