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7th December 2009

December 2009 Telemarketing Newsletter – customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction – do you measure your customer satisfaction levels ? 

The season of goodwill

Christmas is a coming and it’s a time of ‘goodwill’ in more ways than one. The usual retail wars have commenced and competition is rife on the High Street.  Retailers scrapping over every single penny of consumers’ expenditure have become the ‘norm’ over the last year.

Have you noticed that High Street retailers are not just competing on cost but also on the service they deliver?  Many commentators report that the care and attention you receive as a customer is noticeably better than it has been for some time.  In turn, this is being seen as a core retail strategy and fundamental to the ongoing existence of many brands and the ongoing generation of ‘goodwill’. Now more than ever understanding customer satisfaction levels is key.

Goodwill to all men

From a business to business point of view there are key lessons that can be drawn from this renewed emphasis on ‘service’ in the retail sector. ‘Goodwill’ in its true business form is seen as an intangible asset. It is an unquantifiable part of your company’s value and forms a large part of how successful and worthy you are seen as a provider of goods and services. When budgets are being cut or assessed we can see that how you communicate and treat your customer and potential clients is not just a nice add on, it’s vital!

The real reality check
What this does show is that, now more than ever, it is essential to look closer at your customer relationships and customer satisfaction levels. Look to solidify them and enhance them. You need to know that your customer is happy, not just ‘feel’ that they are, and know that they have knowledge of every service you offer that is appropriate to them.

A salutary tale comes from the bottled water industry. A local business reported that due to recent economic strictures they had terminated their bottled water contract as they had been offered, from an alternative supplier, a filter and chill system linked to their mains water supply which was less expensive. They duly gave written notice of termination to their bottled supplier. Eventually, the incumbent supplier called and asked: “Why are you terminating your contract, you have been with us for 5  years?”, when the buyer explained the response was “That’s a dreadful shame – we do those!”.

Communication is key for all kinds of business activity
For us we see the work we do on behalf of customers as pure communication. We spend our days on behalf of our customers listening and starting and building business relationships. Whether it’s talking to existing customers or generating brand new ones, Broadley Speaking’s Intelligent Sales approach always seems to hit the spot. In the last year we have worked with clients to:

–  Benchmark key clients level of customer satisfaction within a European  business

– Generate nearly £1,000,000 of new revenue from a group of accounts previously deemed as “too small” for active account management in the field but perfectly serviceable using the right approach on the telephone

– To successfully address new private sector markets, pre empting a downturn in revenue from their traditional public sector customers

– To launch new media products online for a major publisher

– Generate new business opportunities for all our clients in the most austere economic environment in living memory

…to name just a few!

If you are cynical about how telemarketing can do anything to enhance ‘goodwill’ then it might be time to think again and consider how our particular, professional, Intelligent Sales approach can do just that. It’s a world away from the scripted telemarketing you may have experienced before.

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